The following information is both useful to Students and the General Public.

Waiting for the Bus

  • Be sure to arrive in plenty of time. Sometimes the bus can be a few minutes early.
  • When the bus arrives, signal the driver clearly. Raise out your hand.
  • Have your bus pass or money ready. 
  • Be at least one metre (1m) away from the kerb of the road. The bus front corner may extend pass the edge of the road when pulling in as their wheels are further back than a car.
  • Wait until the bus stops moving before you get on.

Riding the Bus

  • Your bus driver needs to concentrate on the road when driving. To ensure your trip is safe please repect the driver by keeping noise to a minimum and not cause any disruption on the bus.
  • If you have a portable radio or music player, please wear headphones and keep the volume down so other passengers do not hear it.
  • If there are no spare seats available, stand and hold onto a rail and face forward on the bus
  • If you have a bag, do not leave it in the isle. Place it wither in a overhanging compartment or under your seat.
  • Keep food and drinks in your bag until you get off the bus. Bottled water can be consumed during your travel but the lid or cap must be closed between sips to ensure no spillage occurs
  • If there are adults standing, children are expected to offer them their seat.


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